As Far As My Fingertips Will Take Me

Winner of 2017 ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art

Tania El Khoury (LB/UK)

17. Nov 15:00-20:00

18. Nov 14:00-19:00

one-to-one performance (15 min time slots)

Tickets: 50DKK


“And everyone who rejects this and rebels is a terrorist. Accused, for example, of raising their index finger.”


As Far As My Fingertips Take Me is a conversation through a gallery wall between an audience member and a refugee. Through touch and sound, the audience member and performer share stories of people who have recently challenged border discrimination. The stories can be kept or washed away.


This piece explores empathy, affect, and some people's apparent need to “feel a refugee” in order to stand up against discriminatory border policies. It also asks us to consider whose crisis is it really when we talk about refugee crisis in the west. It reflects on the notion of fingertips as a delicate membrane that facilitates touch but that is also used by authorities as a prison trap.

Please note: This performance is in English. Danish translations will be made available at selected events. Please inquire.



Tania El Khoury is an artist working between London and Beirut. She creates interactive installations and challenging performances in which the audience is an active collaborator. Tania’s solo work has toured internationally, and for which she is the recipient of the Total Theatre Innovation Award, the Arches Brick Award and the 2017 ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art. She is the co-founder of Dictaphone Group, a research and performance collective aiming at reclaiming public space in Lebanon.


One-on-one installation performance by Tania El Khoury

Performed by Basel Zaraa

Song by Basel Zaraa (vocals, bass and keyboard) with Emily Churchill Zaraa (vocals), Pete Churchill (music production) and Katie Stevens (flute and clarinet).

Commissioned by “On the Move” LIFT 2016 in partnership with Royal Court Theatre.

Image: Marion Savoy

“His tale doesn’t just touch me in a fleeting way – as the many stories and images reported in the newspapers do – it goes further. It marks me.”

- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


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