Dangerous Border Crossings (with thanks to Guillermo Gómez-Peña)

Live Art Development Agency (UK)

17. Nov 15:00-17:30

18. Nov 12:00- 20:00

Tickets: FREE (no booking required)


A Live Art Development Agency screening for Bodies Beyond Borders, November 2017


Live Art disrupts all kinds of borders – from the cultural to the geo-political. This short screening programme addresses issues of borders/border crossings through real time, experiential and context specific works and reflects some of the places where radical, experimental, and interdisciplinary performance and geo political borders meet and what artists can do there. 

Featured works:


Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra, 2004 (Mexico/US): 
Border Interrogation (2 minutes)

An alien interrogation about inter racial fantasies. 


Rocio Boliver, 2012 (Mexico): To the Rhythm of the Swing 

(17 minutes)

A performance that took place over the Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, United States border wall. 


Ex Territory, 2010 (Israel): About Ex Territory Project 

(6 minutes)

Documentation of a project in which artworks by artists from the Middle East were projected onto the sails of boats located in exterritorial waters – an autonomous sphere beyond the confines of any one national territory.


The Dictaphone Group, 2013 (Lebanon): Nothing To Declare 

(3 minutes)

The film of a research-based lecture performance that explores borders within Lebanon, those between Lebanon and its neighbours, and across the Arab world. 


Stacy Makishi, 2006 (US/UK): You Are Here…But Where Am I? 

(10 minutes) 

An intimate one to one intervention that is part interrogation and part ritual and happens in the (terror)tory between here and there, within the border of Passport Control. 

Image: Guillermo Gomez Pena and La Pocha Nostra, Image courtesy of the artists.

On Guillermo Gómez-Peña

“His award-winning solos, combine languages-Spanish, English, Spanglish, Ingleñol, Nahuatl, wild theatrics and guerrilla satire to convey a new internationalism, a borderless ethos.”
-Jan Breslauer, L.A. Times


Based in London, the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) is a Centre for Live Art - a knowledge and research centre, a production centre for programmes and publication, and an online centre for representation and dissemination. LADA works to create the conditions in which diversity, innovation and risk in contemporary culture can thrive, develop new artistic frameworks, legitimise unclassifiable artforms, and give agency to underrepresented artists, practices and histories.


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