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We develop projects through collaborative processes of interdisciplinary research and exchange over intentionally long time periods.

bodies beyond borders 

Bodies Beyond Borders was our first project, and was born in summer 2016 when the Brexit vote saw the borders between us begin to be withdrawn. In response, the project focused on ideas of Territory: a word assigned to the notion of a field, domain, province or sphere of action or thought, originating from the latin word terrere “to frighten” and territorium, meaning “a place from which people are warned off”.  Through this lens, we developed a two-day programme of performance, screenings and conversation that looked at the fictions behind fear tactics and questioned the powers that keep them in place. 


Featuring work by Tania El Khoury (LB/UK), Nic Green (UK), Rima Najdi (LB/DE), Alicja Rogalska (PL/UK), Nuria Guell (ES) & anti-cool (JP/UK), Anne Solitander Bohlbro (DK) with contribution from LGBT Denmark and Copenhagen University.


Supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Warehouse9 and City of Women. 

Download the full programme here.

17 -18 November 2017

Warehouse9, Copenhagen 

city of women - curators in residence 

Mesto Žensk / City of Women,
LjubljanaOctober 2017 - October 2019

Between 2017-19, over a series of trips and remote working, we were Curators-in-Residence with Mesto Žensk / City of Women (Ljubljana), researching and reflecting on the festival’s unique activist led feminist history. 


October 2019 marked the culmination of this work when we curated a live and online programme of exhibitions and events which formed a core part of their 25th anniversary festival edition. This included an exhibition of works by Alicja Rogalska at Škuc Gallery (Kinds of Pressure), a digital exhibition of works (Looking Back to Look Forward) and the commissioning of a new co-creation work by artist Alicja Rogalska made with local citizens who lost their rights and citizenship when Slovenia became independent.


Supported by City of Women, JKSD, Arts Council England & British Council International Development Fund, i-Portunas and Danish Arts Foundation.


We are interested in processes of rewilding and cycles of change. We want to ask what we can learn from the ecology of rewilding, starting with a research residency in leading UK rewilding site Knepp in September 2022. The residency will mark the beginning of a long-term research project into care, kinship and sustainability.


We are interested in the idea that change happens when structures are transformed into processes. By beginning with a starting point of rethinking the systems we have had on automatic for many years, we will be able to make space for new visions and ideas.


Supported by Arts Council England - Developing Your Creative Practice and Danish Arts Foundation. Some ideas for the project were developed whilst undertaking the Environmental International Development programme led by Arts Council England, Danish Arts Foundation and Julie’s Bicycle (March 2022).

Rewilding Residency.HEIC
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